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The Smooth Collie


You’re new here and currently don’t understand the topic of this page?

Know an incomparable breed of dog here and experience the fascination Smooth Collie!

Kurzhaarcollie wirbelt Staub auf in "Kurzhaarcollies: Ein Bildband, der Geschichten erzählt"

I warmly welcome you to „thesmoothcollie.com“

On this website, everything revolves around a very special and incomparable breed of dog: the Smooth Collie. Learn to love these dogs as much as I do. Experience them regularly in the beautiful images.

I am pleased that you are interested in these charming dogs. Thank you for reading my website, to learn more.

Because you are important to me and I want to make sure that all your needs are met, I will publish new information about the Smooth Collie in each newsletter. In addition, I give tips for travelling with your dog, let you participate at the development of the photographic book and care for entertainment with funny stories that Gallant and Kiss (my own Smooth Collies) experience in especially created comics.

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Concise knowledge of the history, the German breeding associations, grooming, breeders – coupled with fantastic images of the puppies‘ development are exactly what I would have liked, before buying my dog. All this can be found in “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book,” alongside emotionally charge images and stories from 32 individual Smooth Collies.

Kurzhaarcollie-Hündin mit Welpen in "Kurzhaarcollies: Ein Bildband, der Geschichten erzählt"

The aim of the website is to pass the fascination to the Smooth Collie to you. Read into the book now!

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I want you to be completely satisfied. I need your support.

Write to me with your questions. I will answer and explain them in the newsletter. Write to me with your wishes and ideas. I will adopt and implement them as far as is possible. Write to me with bullet points about your dog and send a picture of them. I’ll turn them into funny, interesting or touching stories and thus introduce your dog in the newsletter.

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About me

Miriam Hamel und Kurzhaarcollie-Hündin Kiss

Now you finally want to know who is behind this website and image book. That is me: Miriam Hamel.

I grew up with a lot of pets: cats, budgerigars, rabbits, horses. What I didn’t had were dogs. However, I walked many dogs and ever had a lot of fun.

2009 we finally wanted to let our dream come true and get an own dog. But we had high requirements to this: At the time we had two children with a third on the way. Therefore, it should definitely be fond of children. It should be very easy to train, robust, not too small, but also not too heavy. In addition, it should be easy to clean – i.e. have short fur.

A lot of character descriptions I read. Finally Golden Retriever, Sheltie and Collie remained at our list of wishes. The Golden Retriever was too strong for me. He doesn’t fit to me. The Sheltie often is reserved to externals. Therefore he’s not good for children that want to show their pets to their friends. Hence, the Collie remained. Only one thing troubled us: the long hair. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have this dog with short hair?

Yes, now I’m convinced! I don’t want to miss anything else.

The Fascination Smooth Collie

I continued researching. And suddenly I hit upon a term: Smooth Collie. Does these dogs really exist? I was explicitly looking for these dogs. Then it was clear: The breed exist and it is wonderful. Visits at different breeders completely convinced ourselves and thus, our dog Turella’s Gallant Boy – called Gallant – moved to us in September 2009.

Kurzhaarcollie blubbert im Wasser in "Kurzhaarcollies: Ein Bildband, der Geschichten erzählt"

We don’t regret this decision. With it simply all is fun. He always let us lough. I enjoys to learn new things. Thus, he likes it to model for photos again and again.

2012 Turella’s Icecream Kiss (called Kiss) came along. She’s still owned by her breeder: Claudia Schmidt of cannel Turella’s. With her character she’s the opposite pole of Gallant, brings a lot of peace and care. She’s the absolutely darling of our children because the always can cuddle with her.

The Photographic Book

Thus, I decided to use my passion to the photography to create a photographic book about the Smooth Collie. I was looking for interests that wanted to let their dogs photograph. Hence, I knew a lot of people and dogs and was allowed to experience a lot of wonderful moments.

Now the photographic book is finished. I’m very proud of it! During proofreading, reading the stories moved me. I was often surprised by myself, because it was so well written. But I just cannot get enough of the beautiful pictures.

I hope this is also the case for you. You should not be able to get enough of it!

That’s why the book should be of really good quality. There must be a print shop that still really understands the craft. After a long search, I remembered I had set my goal to bind my own book with “Thomas Müntzer”. I examined whether this would be possible.  I made a request and behold: it worked! You would not believe how happy I am: My photographic book – “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book” would be produced by BELTZ Bad Langensalza GmbH!

Kurzhaarcollie im Getreidefeld in "Kurzhaarcollies: Ein Bildband, der Geschichten erzählt"


With my two Smooth Collies I am addicted to the fascination of this breed of dog, that I want to pass to you on this website now. Learn to love these dogs as much as I do. Experience them regularly in the beautiful images.

We wish you lots of fun with this website and also with “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book”.

Miriam Hamel and team