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The Smooth Collie


Experience the Fascination Smooth Collie!

Smooth Collies are like Potato Chips – You never can have just one!

Exactly that’s the fact my photographic book imparts. Have a look into it and convince yourself:

The Content

Familienhund Kurzhaarcollie

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Historical
    • Breeding Associations
    • As individual as you: the colours
    • Grooming (Coat Care)
  • Chapter 2: Buying a Puppy – Development
    • The Right Breeder
  • Chapter 3: Smooth Collies are like Potato Chips
    • The Diva: Divina-Lou vom Heiligenstein
    • The Provident: Cleo vom Heiligenstein
    • The Restrained: Brick Maverick’s A White Pigeon
    • The Rose Cavalier: Indian Summer vom Palmbachtal
    • The Hot Shot: Herletta’s Gismo
    • The Serene: Farell Gold of Connemara’s Highlands
    • The Curious One: Flying Heartbreakers Headliner Missy
    • The Balanced One: Markylla’s Magic Gwendyn
    • The Comedian: Prince Lester vom Ihlpol
    • The Sporty One: Phantom of Scotland Jolly Joker Jackson
    • The Bachelor: Velvet von Blanka’s Fineline
    • The Playful One: Turella’s Pauline
    • The Charmer: Turella’s Piece of Heaven
    • The Sensitive One: Turella’s Jolly Jocker
    • The Vixen: Indian Sunshine vom Palmbachtal
    • The Dynamic One: Escada vom Heiligenstein
    • The Tender One: Cara vom Heiligenstein
    • The Ambitious One: Basima Shirin vom Heiligenstein
    • The Prudent One: Ornella von der Südpfalz
    • The Example One: Louella vom Heiligenstein
    • The Prima Donna: Heatherland’s Lovely Lucille
    • The Star: First Frost of Netiv Ha’Ayit
    • The Grace: Heatherland’s Rhapsody in Blue
    • The Hearty One: Heatherland’s Lumber Jack
    • The Sympathetic One: Heatherland’s Lambada
    • The Blessed One: Django vom Ihlpol
    • The Harmonic One: Jack Mack’s èibhinn elb
    • The Mischief: Quid Quid Agis Anton
    • The Elegant One: Jack Mack’s Z’tau reul-duis
    • The Cat: Kisi das Kätzchen vom Siebengebirge
    • The Rebellious One: Turella’s Gallant Boy
    • The Great Love: Turella’s Icecream Kiss

Grooming (Coat Care)


The Smooth Collie is considered to be a very low- maintenance dog. It does not necessarily need to be brushed every day, due to its short hair. Also, less dirt, grass or branches get stuck and hang from the coat. At least, twice a year is plenty, since when moulting starts, this brings with it, a lot of the undercoat.

You can find out things about coat care on various websites. However, not everything suits my dogs and me. I have already experimented a lot. For this, I started with a variety of brushes, then a very expensive Furminator, and I am now using the much cheaper Kong.

To spare you the research and testing time, I did an interview with Mandy Mäder, who is a groomer at the Hundesalon Teddy in Bad Langensalza (german). She has many years of experience in grooming different dogs and knows exactly how each tool is used and what is good. Her customers very much appreciate her work because of her empathy, passion and the quality of service. She is one of the few groomers left who still cut with scissors.

WollknäuelI asked Mandy, not only about which tools should be used for coat care. For me, it was also of great importance to learn about the fur of Smooth Collie. If I understand how to set it up, I can understand why that type of maintenance is the right one.

Miriam Hamel (MH):
Which coat structure does the Smooth Collie have? 
Mandy Mäder (MM): The Smooth Collie has a double coat structure. That means that it has a grey undercoat and a glossy top coat. The latter can be quite soft, but it can also be quite strong and hard.

Unlike, for example, the Bernese mountain dog, the undercoat is not easily visible on this type of dog. You can see the undercoat when you stroke the coat against the grain. Also, you can see it when combing or when using the “Coat King”. The undercoat is fluffy, with grey fur, which, in this case, it loses.

MH: What does it mean by grooming?
MM: You should spice up the Smooth Collie regularly. Here I emphasise the word “spice” because this dog is best suited to the rubber curry comb or the Kong dog massage brush.

… (Read more at the photographic book. An extended reading you’ll find within the Starter Package.)

The Diva: Divina-Lou vom Heiligenstein

Rufname: Divina
Geb.: 04.06.2011

Divina-Lou vom Heiligenstein

What I have experienced:

Divina is a bitch with a very special expression.
Even if I saw her on a picture the first time, I just knew that she was a little diva. In fact, she has a wonderful life in which everything revolves around her. The entire house is decorated with pictures of her. I can immediately see: nothing happens without the bitch.

Divina is a quiet woman of the world. She knows what she wants and uses her charm to enforce her own ideas of life. She enjoys our photo shoots a lot. But only when she is willing, does she make for a more interesting pose.
I really enjoyed her strong expression, her gentle nature and the symmetrical shape of the white ruff.


The family says:

When you are thinking about your dog:
What are the first 3 words that come to mind?
Divina is cuddly, playful and beautiful.

When you think back:
What special experience has your dog brought
to you which you still makes you laugh today?
When Divina was a puppy, she had a box. She could retreat into if she needed a rest. Of course, she kept growing and the box kept getting smaller. But Divina would not have this. Again and again she went into her box. Even when she was too big, she still tucked herself into the box. It looked very funny.
Also, it’s always amusing when it rains. Divina does not like the rain at all. Actually, she hardly ever wants to go out. But when she has to use the door, she folds her ears back and makes herself a few feet higher.

Name a word that describes why you would only want this dog and no other.
She is simply a part of our family and our lives.

… (Additional pictures of Divina-Lou you’ll see within the photographic book or within the Starter Package.)