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Preparation Dog Dance-Show

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Kiss in VeniceToday Gallant, Kiss and I were in Venice!

Yes, because in the middle of Erfurt, there is the park of Venice. Here flows the narrow Gera by, many ducks feel at home here and also people like to go for a walk or have a barbecue in the meadows.

Park VeniceBecause the weather today – at least initially – was not so great, I had the meadow for me alone. However, all around many people went for a walk, even with dogs. Gallant and Kiss were really like and the one, who was not exactly tuned, meanwhile, is left lying beautiful.

Today’s trick

Today there is no new trick. I’ve been thinking that we have already learned some tricks now. And indeed, when looking up, something came together:

Hence, it seems logical to do something with it. After all, it only then makes real fun. For this reason, I am preparing now a small dog dance show. Today I have repeated and tested all of these tricks, which is still working. And it was much better than I thought at first.

The video

In the video you naturally get a little explanation to the whole. Following this, you can follow how well Gallant and Kiss master their tricks. Stretching and target, although I have forgotten, but that you will surely forgive me. 🙂

Both were pretty distracted, which probably was due to the kindergarten in the background. So it was again a completely new challenge. But I’m really happy with how they did it today. And I’m proud of them, especially on Kiss, because they knew a lot anyway. And after all, Kiss will be a trick dog. 🙂

Now I wish you much fun watching and please show me, how your darlings are doing it. You’are also allowed to send me videos and pictures of tricks that I have not dealt with here in the series. I am curious what your dogs can do.

Lots of Love,


signature Miriam

P.S.: Please share with me your opinion. Your comments about this you may want to send via email or simply send in the comment box below. Many Thanks!

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