The Smooth Collie

Kiss in VeniceToday Gallant, Kiss and I were in Venice!

Yes, because in the middle of Erfurt, there is the park of Venice. Here flows the narrow Gera by, many ducks feel at home here and also people like to go for a walk or have a barbecue in the meadows.

Park VeniceBecause the weather today – at least initially – was not so great, I had the meadow for me alone. However, all around many people went for a walk, even with dogs. Gallant and Kiss were really like and the one, who was not exactly tuned, meanwhile, is left lying beautiful. [click to continue…]

Target TrainingOnly exposed once and here I am again. This time it’s the first video from Erfurt, and this in glorious weather. Better it can not be. 🙂

We now settled down very well, know where we can get the most of the things and how we easily can go for a walk with Gallant and Kiss. Likewise, I know now a lot of nice corners to photograph and to film the bi-weekly videos.

Yes, I’ve decided to return to the old model. If time permits and desire, I write another blog article on an interesting topic. However, apart from that I adhere to the videos, including publishing the newsletter every other week as usual. [click to continue…]

Spring with Smooth CollieAlready once again a new video becomes due. And this time, when it is properly warm weather. Spring has given us a taste of summer and let the temperature go up to 28 ° C in the shade on Wednesday last week! Last Thursday, when I shot the video, it was still very nice sunny but again a little cooler. For the dogs it was still too warm. [click to continue…]

DISC model - behavior types in dogsWild, reserved, quiet, dreamy, dominant, tempered, … The dog behavior can be described in many terms. How can you describe your dog? [click to continue…]

Ignorance and highly motivatedNow the blog or the series “Gallant presents: Tricks to imitate” is one year old!

I would like to thank all of my loyal readers and fans and look forward to more interesting weeks, months and years. Of course, I would like to meet your interests. If you have ideas or something missing, let me know it. I look then how I can integrate it best.

At the same time my 1-year anniversary is a good reason for innovations. As of now, the book “Smooth Collies: A story telling photographic book” is available as e-book. Here you can find it on Amazon:

[click to continue…]

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