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The Smooth Collie

Right now – after just 4 months – the photographic book inspired a lot of people all over the globe. The map shows it – into all red marked countries you’ll already find the book. (Click at the picture to enlarge it.)

world map with all countries where the photographic book is delivered (Australia, Canada, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Germany)

Become a part of them and experience the fascination of the Smooth Collie. Discover the unique characters, hold in impressive snapshots.

6,707 km

There are fewer than 1,000 of these dogs in Germany – and every one of them is unique. Join my 6,707km journey across Germany and experience the fascination for Smooth Collies in authentic stories and rousing images. Check it out right now and find a unique gift for yourself and a good friend.

Kurzhaarcollie Gruppe in "Kurzhaarcollies: Ein Bildband, der Geschichten erzählt"

Pictures, that tell stories

Can pictures tell stories? We definitely believe so! Images evoke emotion. Are beautiful to look at. They offer a new perspective. With “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book” we go further still: This photographic book is a window into the lives of the dogs and their owners. They stir emotions and make your thoughts go travelling. Therefore, there is a personal story for each of the dogs, away from general treaties about the breed towards real authentic experiences.

Models with character

Conventional dog books say: Every dog of a certain breed is the same, uniform, standardised and can be packed into a box. With “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book” we show that the opposite is actually the case: Each dog presented and characterised here with large sized images and gripping stories is unique. Learn about the diversity and, along the way, learn interesting facts and background information about the Smooth Collie as a breed and about the many great models in the book.

Unique and international

“Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book” is the first illustrated, breed-specific photographic book worldwide. For this reason, it is being released simultaneously in German and English. Our goal: Everyone – really everyone – who gets enthusiastic to the pictures and the stories of the dog models, should dive in and experience just how much joy a dog can bring to daily life.


Are you on the fence about getting a dog? Then get “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book”. This photographic book shows: It does not matter where or with whom a dog grows up with – unique, joyous and happy moments with your new family member are guaranteed. You want to buy a puppy, but do not have any idea what it takes? Do you wonder what the many different breeding associations are about? No problem. At the beginning of the photographic book there is a comprehensive and easy to follow theory section. This clarifies the essential facts and will help you track down your dream dog.

Augen einer blue-merle Hündin in "Kurzhaarcollies: Ein Bildband, der Geschichten erzählt"

Eight weeks

The first 8 weeks in the life of a young dog are very special. They show a lot of love with growing up as a little puppy, the fun which it has with its siblings, and this uniqueness of nature. Experience the joy of life and the development of Smooth Collies pups in breath-taking sequences: time very close to the mother and then back into full action again.

Interesting facts

You really want to experience every detail and get to know it exactly?  Gladly. Because, for you, as the future readers of the photographic book “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book”, we have extensively researched and brought to light the little known facts about the origins of this breed. Learn how the Smooth Collie originated, more than 700 years ago, established itself as a reliable companion and working dog and finally, not long ago, arrived in Germany. Experience it’s interesting and so far, untold story in this high quality photographic book.

Washing, lying, blow dry

… or just grooming? The right tips for grooming your current or future Smooth Collie are simple for you and are explained to a tee. Thanks to the expert interview with dog grooming specialist Mandy Mäder, from the pet grooming salon Teddy Bad Langensalza, in future the subject will be a piece of cake for you. Get the “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book” and gain an insight into what your dog really needs.

Large sized

Everything is visible and no detail will stay hidden. Now open this large-sized photographic book (30x30cm) and dive right into the middle of the action. Each image is printed in high resolution and this makes the colours of these great dogs’ characters shine and makes every scene shine in a special light. Take a look at “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book” and give yourself or a good friend a very special gift – or two, or three, or…

Rute eines Kurzhaarcollies in "Kurzhaarcollies: Ein Bildband, der Geschichten erzählt"


The outstanding high quality paper makes you enjoy the impressions of the stories and the images. And since we believe that beautiful things should stay beautiful and should be permanent, we have chosen an almost forgotten style of bookbinding for this photographic book for you – thread stitching. It ensures that even after a lot of browsing and enjoying the photos, all the pages will remain firmly bound together. You, as our customers deserve something beautiful, which is permanent. Order now and experience real quality with “Smooth Collies: A Story Telling Photographic Book”.